Let’s open an old Diary, your forgotten ‘memory book’

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Remember, those days of childhood, when we used to write our own personal diaries. Our happiness, our sadness or our excitement, we used to share with the pages of the diary. And to decorate those pages, we used to stick colorful stickers all over the surface. And those slam books? Well, that was one of the most important elements in a friendship in those days. Sometimes, we got so excited about slam books that we even used to judge our entire friendship on its basis! How funny, but how spontaneous. Isn’t it? Be it returning from an excursion or meeting a new friend or fighting with our best friends, we used to write each and everything in diaries. After all, those diaries were the only things we were truthful to. Oh, those good old days. Sigh!

Things have completely changed now. Childhood is no longer about writing diaries and keeping it on your personal shelf. Now it is all about clicking selfies, playing games on tabs and chatting on social media. Kids do not write diaries anymore. In fact, nobody does. Writing diaries is considered as an obsolete practice that not only consumes time but also has no such utility. It’s sad, very sad. Writing is not just putting words in diaries; it’s not just keeping records. Writing is an art, an art that belongs to the heart. It’s like sharing your deepest emotions with someone who not only understands your feelings but also keeps your memories intact, safe in its heart. However, things are getting mechanical now. Keyboard has replaced the pen, the laptop has replaced diaries. True, this generation will never understand the passion of writing diaries. 

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